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Shared features

  • Streams
  • Tables
  • Partitioning
Stream processing
  • Materialized views
  • Queries
  • Joins
  • Windows
  • High availability
  • Fault tolerant
  • Performant


ksqlDB is a fast moving project. Try the latest additions as soon as possible through the standalone distribution, which is free to use. The source is available on GitHub.

A new release goes out roughly once per month. The current version is 0.10.0. The standalone edition is licensed under the Confluent Community License and is not commercially supported by Confluent.

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Confluent Platform

Are you part of a business that wants to use ksqlDB in a mission critical setting? Try the distribution shipped with Confluent Platform, which includes plugins for using ksqlDB in crucial environments, such as RBAC. Enterprise support for ksqlDB is available through a subscription to Confluent Platform.

Each new version of the Confluent Platform distribution wraps a specific, previously shipped version of the standalone distribution. See the version matrix for more detail.

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